Safety and proper use of Canid Pest Ejectors

Protect your working dogs when using CPEs

Keep working and pet dogs well away from CPEs. Restrict them in pens or on chains if known to wander, and use muzzles if dogs are to be used in near CPE sites. 

Leave working dogs at home when laying or checking CPEs.

The CPE unit is not required to be registered as a chemical product. The devices, spare parts and lure heads can be purchased without restriction. However, the toxin capsules contain 1080 which is a Restricted S7 category of poison that is registered by APVMA. Capsules are not available without the purchaser and/or user possessing appropriate accreditation. Regulations of who may legally access 1080 capsules vary between states - check the relevant 1080 regulations for your location.

Capsules containing 3mg (FOX dose capsule) or 6mg (DOG dose capsule) of 1080 are available from Animal Control Technologies Australia (ACTA) or approved 1080 product distributors or government agencies. Procedures are the same for 1080 bait products.

In all states, existing 1080 Authorised Officers of State and Territory agencies can purchase and use CPEs and capsules under the same conditions as they access baits containing 1080.
Handling, usage and disposal of the capsules must strictly follow directions on the approved label.

Using ejectors on agricultural lands:

Ejectors may be set on private lands in accordance with the directions on the  approved label, and in accordance with distance restrictions and neighbour notification, as is normal for other 1080 products.

Non-target species on farmland

Cattle may occasionally investigate and activate an ejector. The dose of 1080 in a single fox or dog capsule is well below the dose required to kill a cow or calf. However, as some cattle are inquisitive it is best, where possible, to reduce risk by excluding cattle from areas where ejectors are deployed. Ejectors may be placed in fenced off paddock corners or in existing fenced wind breaks to prevent access by cattle. Some users have set ejectors within an auger hole reinforced with poly pipe to prevent access by cattle.

Capsule dose rates:

1080 dose rates for ejector capsules are the same as for wild dog and fox baits. Fox capsules contain 3mg and wild dog capsules contain 6mg.

These doses are highly effective but provide minimum risk to many non-target animals in Australia.

Limitations of ejectors

  • Ejector devices are only effective while the bait head is attractive to the target species. If the bait head deteriorates, the ejector is less likely to be activated by a wild dog or fox. It's important to check ejector heads periodically and refresh any lure heads that are weathered, damaged or eaten by ants.
  • Ejectors are dangerous to working and domestic dogs because of the attractiveness of the baited head. Any unrestrained or roaming working or pet dog in the area may investigate and may activate an ejector - use of muzzles prevents dogs from activating CPEs.