Safety and proper use of  FOXECUTE® baits

FOXECUTE® PAPP baits for foxes (and DOGABAIT® PAPP baits for wild dogs) have been approved by APVMA. Legal instructions and restrictions for use are found on the approved product labels and must be followed. In addition, some constraints differ between States, so local instructions must also be followed. Approved labels and MSDS sheets are available on the ACTA web site: (

Due the imposition of RESTRICTED S7 by the National Drugs & Poisons Scheduling Committee (NDPSC), only approved users can access PAPP bait products. Approvals and some constraints may differ between States, so local instructions must also be followed.

FOXECUTE® Baits, in pails of 10 or 40 baits, are available from traditional suppliers of 1080 baits in all states.

You must give notice if using FOXECUTE® baits

Immediate neighbours must be notified 72 hours before PAPP baits are applied.

The levels of PAPP residue in a carcass are very low. Sufficient tissue could not be eaten quickly enough to lead to secondary poisoning of any scavenging animal.

A fox killed by a PAPP type bait will typically show a grey or blueish colour on the tongue and gums due to the loss of oxygen to tissues. If a pet or working dog is suspected of PAPP poisoning this discolouration of the tongue is a critical warning sign and indicates the need for quick intervention.

Put up warning signs if using FOXECUTE® baits

Signs must be put up at property entrances before the start and remain in place until 4 weeks after the end of approved programs, or until residual baits are recovered.

Reusable warning signs printed in UV resistant ink and on water resistant corflute are available from ACTA.

Distance restrictions when using FOXECUTE® baits

There are restrictive requirements for placement of baits. The national label restrictions are that baits must not be placed:

  • Within 150m of a dwelling
  • Within 20m of a watercourse
  • Within 5m from boundaries or roads

Environmental Safeguards

PAPP is stable in FOXECUTE® during storage but degrades in the environment. There are no long-term residues. At recommended rates the amount of PAPP applied is less than 80mg/ha for fox programs. There is no risk of contamination of the human food chain or crops from the proposed application as a toxic buried bait for control of foxes. PAPP is mixed throughout the bait, so a small animal nibbling at the bait would receive small quantities of toxin only.

User safeguards

PAPP is more toxic to canids than for most other animals, but it is still a poison. Large doses can kill any animal and the bait products are poisonous if swallowed. PAPP is not readily absorbed through skin. Contamination is easily removed by washing in soapy water.

Additional information

Download the FOXECUTE® PAPP fox bait booklet

Poisons information line 13 11 26

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