PAPP soon to be approved for use in WA

The latest toxicant available for use in the battle against foxes and wild dogs should soon be approved for use in Western Australia. PAPP works differently to 1080 and is being used as well as 1080 baits. Excitingly, there is an antidote for PAPP in the event that a non-target dog was to take a bait. There are conditions however.
Approved landholders and agency officers with the appropriate training can now deploy PAPP and can source the manufactured baits from approved rural merchandise stores. PAPP baits are produced exclusively by Animal Control Technologies and are in the form of a ground bait which is buried or covered over with loose soil. 
The fox bait is known as “Foxecute” and contains 400mg of PAPP. The wild dog bait is known as “Dogabait” and contains 1000mg of PAPP.
Both baits contain bright orange scat marker beads to allow definitive kill determinations. Please refer to the respective brochures for further information on our 'Products' pages. Also, download the Section 72 notice and the Code of Practice relating to PAPP and 1080 in WA.