C-DAX Slugmaster Broadcast Spreader

C-DAX Slugmaster Broadcast Spreader


Download: C-DAX Slugmaster Product Brochure
Download: C-DAX Slugmaster Owners Manual

The C-Dax SlugMaster is a heavy-duty 12-volt broadcast spreader that has been specifically developed for spreading bait in arable cropping situations.

Features a spread pattern up to 24m wide for maximum coverage and efficiency. Reliable and ready to go when you need it, easily attached to your flat deck vehicle, or ATV using the C-Dax QuickSmart™ Attachment Frame and Upright Mounts for Spreaders.


  • 12-volt

  • 75 Litre capacity hopper

  • Up to 24m spread width

  • Applies 2.5–20 kg/ha

  • Five application rate settings


Weight: 30kg empty

Comes with:

Wiring loom, remote shutter gate and spinner operation, snap shut hopper lid

(QuickSmart™ Attachment Frame and Upright Mounts not included)

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