Possum and Cat Magnet Cage trap

Possum and Cat Magnet Cage trap


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The Possum and Cat Magnet is a medium sized, collapsible,live-capture trap used for removing and relocating possums from domestic and commercial roof spaces, and for capturing feral cats in cities, suburban and rural areas. Consult your local State legislation when dealing with native, protected species such as possums.

Possum and Cat Magnet dimensions: 600 x 300 x 300mm

ACTA has been appointed by PEST-IT, to distribute a range of high quality cage traps under the MAGNET TRAP brand. These competitively priced traps have been added to the ACTA Catalogue from mid 2014.

The Magnet Trap System is a range of Australian designed heavy-duty traps for domestic and professional trapping programs. All traps in the range are collapsible for easy transport and storage and they are set up in minutes

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