PIGOUT® Baiting warning signs

PIGOUT® Baiting warning signs


Warning signs are available for purchase for use during your baiting program:

  • PIGOUT 1080 A3 corflute sign

Relevant chemical safety documents can be found in the Safety Data section of our website.

How do I purchase this product?

For all ACTA products, the most efficient way to purchase what you need is to contact your local rural merchant store and ask for our products - our main distributors are listed here.

For products that contain 1080 or PAPP, regulations vary between States & Territories.

If you are in NSW, contact your regional Local Land Services (LLS).
If you are in South Australia, contact you regional Natural Resource Management Board.

All other areas should be able to access products directly from your local rural merchant store.

Contact us for more information if required and we can advise you on the best way forward.

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