Carasweet Feral Pig Attractant

Carasweet Feral Pig Attractant


Carasweet is a blend of dextrose, sweetener and flavour designed to overcome palatability problems. It encourages livestock to consume more feed, therefore weight gain is increased. Carasweet has been used successfully as a flavour enhancer when mixing feed for Horses, Cattle and Pigs for many years.

More recently Carasweet has proven extremely useful when baiting, shooting or trapping feral pigs. It is an attractant only and will not harm other animals (domestic or native) should they accidentally consume the bait.

Applications of Carasweet

Flavour enhancer for adding to livestock feeds, particularly pigs, cattle and horses. It can also be used as an attractant when baiting feral pigs, or setting up a shooting site.

Directions for Use:

For domestic livestock feeds add 400g-600g per tonne of feed. For baiting feral pigs, add 100g Carasweet to 10kg grain.

Pack Sizes:

3kg pail, 10kg pail or 25kg polypropylene bag.


Store in a dry place in ambient temperatures out of direct sunlight.

How do I purchase this product?

For all ACTA products, the most efficient way to purchase what you need is to contact your local rural merchant store and ask for our products - our main distributors are listed here.

For products that contain 1080 or PAPP, regulations vary between States & Territories.

If you are in NSW, contact your regional Local Land Services (LLS).
If you are in South Australia, contact you regional Natural Resource Management Board.

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