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The PAPP dose in FOXECUTE® baits is 400mg. This is ample to kill a fox weighing 5-7 kg, but may not be sufficient to kill a large dog. Moreover, because the effects are fast and the affected animal will feel lethargic, a larger dog that takes one fox bait is unlikely to have time to find additional fox bait(s) if baits are placed well apart. The dose used for the control of wild dogs in DOGABAIT is 1000mg/bait and this is a lethal dose for proven knockdown of any sized dog.

The lower dosing of FOXECUTE® baits for fox control creates a small margin of safety for some pets and working dogs. However, this is not absolute and small dogs would still be vulnerable to the fox dose, so normal protective measures are still required for pets and working dogs.

FOXECUTE® Baits, in pails of 10 or 40 baits, are available from the local authorised control agency in each state.

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