DEN-CO-FUME® Fumigation cartridges

DEN-CO-FUME® Fumigation cartridges


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DEN-CO-FUME® is a carbon monoxide fumigant cartridge for the control of foxes in natal dens.

DEN-CO-FUME® Carbon Monoxide Fumigant Cartridges have been used by the US Department of Agriculture for over 50 years for humane control of a number of den breeding animals. DEN-CO-FUME® is now widely used to control foxes in natal dens across Australia.

How the cartridge works

Den-CO-Fume® Carbon Monoxide Fumigant Cartridges contain carbon and sodium nitrate in a sturdy tube.

Once ignited, the active constituents combust for 2 - 4 minutes to produce carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide has a similar density to air and quickly disperses throughout the available space and is not readily adsorbed by soil.

Prolonged exposure to 1000ppm (0.1%) carbon monoxide in a fox den causes unconsciousness and death. Death occurs without pain or distress while the animal is unconscious.

DEN-CO-FUME® Fumigant Cartridges can produce concentrations of carbon monoxide up to 3% in a den volume of 1000 litres (1m3). Higher concentrations are achieved in smaller dens.

Normally only one cartridge is required for the typical fox den. When fox dens are in enlarged rabbit warrens with three or more entrances it may be appropriate to use two cartridges.

When to use

Fox cubs are born anytime from August to December. Fumigating active natal dens during this time can achieve effective and humane control of fox cubs (and potentially vixens) as part of an integrated control program.

Product benefits

  • Foxes can be controlled in urban and semi-urban areas where poison programs are not an option

  • No risk of secondary poisoning

  • Reliable and proven highly effective

  • Environmental contamination is minimal due to combustion of cartridge underground

  • Cartridges are small and portable

  • Cartridges can be used in any weather

  • One of the most humane animal control methods known

  • Simple to use

Product sizes & supply

DEN-CO-FUME® Fumigant Cartridges are now available in packs of 3 or 10 cartridges.

The DEN-CO-FUME® Fumigator is a steel combustion chamber with a flexible steel pipe, and should be used for treatment of dens where access is restricted or where there is a risk of fire. If the fumigator is not used the cartridge can be combusted in the den.

How do I purchase this product?

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