FOXSHIELD® 1080 Fish Based Bait

FOXSHIELD® 1080 Fish Based Bait


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For many years bait users have grappled with the notion that some foxes require a different bait to others. We have seldom seen bait rejection by foxes except for their propensity to leave chicken heads on the ground after discovering them and lower uptake of hard sausage baits such as the Yathong sausage. We have found uptake of FOXOFF® and liver or meat to be similarly high and uniform at all locations and at all times and regardless of what alternative feed is available.

However, especially in coastal areas, foxes scavenge along the beach so we have added a fish based bait to our range. This was also requested some years back by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) who did not want to rely only on meat based baits. The new fish based bait for foxes is called FOXSHIELD®.

This shelf stable pre-packaged bait is available in pails of 20, 40 and 100. The free-feed (non toxic) baits are also available in the same pail sizes. FOXSHIELD® provides a good alternative to traditional tasting baits and can add variety to your fox management program and is favoured in coastal environments due to the fish based bait material.

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