FOXOFF® 1080 Fox Baits

FOXOFF® 1080 Fox Baits


FOXOFF® is available in the traditional 60g bait and also a smaller 35g bait known as FOXOFF® Econobait. Both bait sizes contain the same amount of 1080 (3mg).

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FOXOFF® is a manufactured bait, pre-poisoned with precisely 3 milligrams (3/1000th of a gram) of sodium fluoroacetate (1080 poison). FOXOFF® is shelf-stable without refrigeration to allow thorough control programs over 2-4 weeks. They are highly specific for canids and are not readily taken by native animals or stock.

A single FOXOFF® bait is lethal to the largest fox.

60g FOXOFF® baits are available in ‘farmpacks’ of 72 (6 trays of 12) or boxes containing 4 farmpacks (288 baits).

35g FOXOFF® Econobaits are available as individually made baits in a range of new plastic pails with resealable lids. Sizes include 10, 20, 40, 100, and 200 bait pails. 35g FOXOFF® Econobaits are also available in farmpacks’ of 120 (4 trays of 30).

FOXOFF® Free-Feed non-toxic baits are also available in the tradtional 60g size and also in the Econobait 35g size.

How do I purchase this product?

For all ACTA products, the most efficient way to purchase what you need is to contact your local rural merchant store and ask for our products - our main distributors are listed here.

For products that contain 1080 or PAPP, regulations vary between States & Territories.

If you are in NSW, contact your regional Local Land Services (LLS).
If you are in South Australia, contact you regional Natural Resource Management Board.

All other areas should be able to access products directly from your local rural merchant store.

Contact us for more information if required and we can advise you on the best way forward.

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