FOXOFF® 1080 Fox Baits

FOXOFF® 1080 Fox Baits


FOXOFF® is available in the traditional 60g bait and also a smaller 35g bait known as FOXOFF® Econobait. Both bait sizes contain the same amount of 1080 (3mg).

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FOXOFF® is a manufactured bait, pre-poisoned with precisely 3 milligrams (3/1000th of a gram) of sodium fluoroacetate (1080 poison). FOXOFF® is shelf-stable without refrigeration to allow thorough control programs over 2-4 weeks. They are highly specific for canids and are not readily taken by native animals or stock.

A single FOXOFF® bait is lethal to the largest fox.

60g FOXOFF® baits are available in ‘farmpacks’ of 72 (6 trays of 12) or boxes containing 4 farmpacks (288 baits).

35g FOXOFF® Econobaits are available as individually made baits in a range of new plastic pails with resealable lids. Sizes include 10, 20, 40, 100, and 200 bait pails. 35g FOXOFF® Econobaits are also available in farmpacks’ of 120 (4 trays of 30).

FOXOFF® Free-Feed non-toxic baits are also available in the tradtional 60g size and also in the Econobait 35g size.

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