RATTOFF® Zinc Phosphide Bait Sachets

RATTOFF® Zinc Phosphide Bait Sachets


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What is RATTOFF®

RATTOFF® Zinc Phosphide Sachets are an acute rodenticide to control rats in agricultural situations including sugarcane crops and plantations. The product is a development of the highly successful MOUSEOFF® Zinc Phosphide Bait that is used throughout Australia for the control of heavy infestations of mice in crops. RATTOFF® ZP is available in 5kg and 10kg pails.

RATTOFF® ZP consists of sterilised whole wheat grain coated with zinc phosphide and packaged into a specially patented degradable sachet. The special sachets are camouflaged and provide a source for the rats to consume a lethal dose of bait. RATTOFF® ZP sachets are registered for use within the crop at intervals of 10 metres. This is equivalent to 100 sachets per hectare or a total of 1 kg of bait material per hectare. Unlike anticoagulant rodenticides which act on the blood clotting system of the rodent, and take five or more days for the rodents to succumb, RATTOFF® ZP is an acute rodenticide killing the rat within hours of sampling the bait. This explains why only a very small amount of RATTOFF® is needed in comparison with previous methods of rat control.

RATTOFF® ZP is one of the most powerful rat control products in the world and many times more potent than domestic rodenticides.

Applying RATTOFF® ZP in crops

RATTOFF® ZP Sachets are supplied in handy pails to suit any sized baiting program. The sachets are ready-to-use and can be applied by hand from vehicles or tractors while other operations are being conducted in the crop (e.g. weed spraying).

For optimum results it is best to distribute the sachets throughout the entire crop and not just around the perimeters. It is easier to apply the bait before the crop canopy closes or reaches a stage of development that prevents easy access.

Dose Rate

Sachets should be simply dropped on the ground at 10 metre intervals within the affected crops. Do not place more than one sachet at each point as this wastes bait. An application rate of one kilogram of bait, or 100 RATTOFF® ZP Sachets per hectare gives adequate control in most situations.

Apply bait before rat numbers escalate. The objective is to prevent economic damage, not wait until rat numbers are catastrophic before taking preventative action.

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