Pest Lures

Pest Lures


Pest Lures is a company that is passionate about pest animal management. They are continually conducting research and development to improve products by making them target specific and versatile so that they can be incorporated into trapping, baiting and monitoring.

Their range of lures includes GAV, BAIT MASTER, GOTCHA, RED DOG, and STINGER. Each lure is designed for a range of species and uses, see the product guide below:

Download: PEST LURES Product Guide

Each pest lure is available individually in 20ml bottles or you can purchase a Pest Lures Starter Kit which contains all 5x20ml lures.

Pest Lures have a range of attractants for wild dogs, foxes and feral cats.

  • A selection of both food and curiosity lures.

  • Developed and tested to suit the Australian landscape.

  • Use our predator attractants to increase animal passes at a trap or bait site.

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