Safety for Working Dogs

Safety for Working Dogs


What to do if a working or pet dog is exposed to 1080 poison

Take the dog to the nearest vet immediately. If a bait is taken or a CPE is activated by a working dog immediate action is needed - it is important not to wait for obvious signs of poisoning such as spasms or hypersensitivity. The time-lag between a dog becoming exposed to 1080 and showing signs of being poisoned is typically several hours, during which the animal behaves normally.

If there is a delay in getting your dog to the vet, try to induce vomiting to remove as much poison from the gut as possible.

How to induce vomiting if a dog has been exposed to poison

Give an emetic such as:

Table salt (maximum of 2 teaspoons of salt for average size dogs, less for small breeds) in a cup of water

3 to 5 washing soda crystals (sodium carbonate) orally. DO NOT USE LAUNDRY DETERGENTS OR POWDERS

Walk the dog around after administering - he should vomit within about 10 to 15 minutes.

If you have no success inducing vomiting, seek immediate vet attention - don't waste time making repeated attempts.

Download: First Aid, 1080 and your dog

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