RABBAIT® 1080 and Pindone Carrot Baits

RABBAIT® 1080 and Pindone Carrot Baits


Download: RABBAIT® 1080 Carrot Bait Label
Download: RABBAIT® Pindone Carrot Bait Label

ACTA now supplies fresh carrot baits as free-feed, Pindone coated, or 1080 coated baits.

Unlike the oat products which are stable if stored, the carrot baits must be used immediately. Thus pre-ordering is essential and product cannot be returned, once made to order.

We have good freight logistics to most parts of Victoria and work with users to minimize delivery costs. We also allow pick up direct from our production facility.

ACTA RABBAIT® carrot baits are made using a specialist high speed cutter to achieve near perfect bait cubes with no juice or unwanted fragments. ACTA Carrot Baits can be safely transported long distances without refrigeration. We can supply any quantity to suit any program.

Pack Sizes

RABBAIT® 1080 Carrot Baits and RABBAIT® Pindone Carrot Baits are available in fully labelled 10kg pails and 100kg drums. The drums can be recycled if triple rinsed clean and returned, to further reduce costs.

Where possible we prefer to supply the bait via qualified contractors who are members of the Vertebrate Pest Managers Association (VPMA). These experienced pest controllers can conduct full programs on any sized property. However, we can supply direct if no local contractor is available.

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