TOADINATOR® Cane Toad Trap

TOADINATOR® Cane Toad Trap


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The TOADINATOR® cane toad trap is compact, lightweight, portable and easy to assemble. The trap has been specifically designed to attract and trap cane toads using proven finger door technology and a solar powered, self-charging light and sound attractor unit (the ACTA-ATTRACTA) that can attract toads.

The TOADINATOR® when combined with the ACTA-ATTRACTA is effective in a range of environments including residential and high use public areas. It has been rigorously field tested by leading research staff at James Cook University.

Product features

  • Australian designed

  • Tested in difficult tropical environments

  • Durable and long lasting

  • Flat packed for transport

  • Easy to assemble and handle

  • Safe to use in any environment

  • Light-weight

  • Variable volume settings

  • Solar powered and water resistant

  • Galvanised for long life in tropical conditions

How the TOADINATOR® works

The TOADINATOR® is a cage trap designed specifically for the effective capture of cane toads.

On three sides, the cage has specialised one-way finger doors that allow toads to enter but not exit. The ACTA-ATTRACTA is an electronic lure designed to bring toads to the trap. The ATTRACTA has an inbuilt UV light that attracts insects, which in turn attracts toads, because insects are a favoured food source.

The ATTRACTA also has a sound component which comes pre-loaded with cane toad calls. These calls are specific to cane toads and are demonstrated to be attractive to females. The solar powered ATTRACTA has onboard power storage, so an external power source is not always required. It turns on at night when toads are active but is off during the day. The ATTRACTA has a volume control which is important in residential areas.

Why the sound lure is important for successful toad capture

The ATTRACTA technology, which provides calls specific to lure female toads is the key to the success of the TOADINATOR®. JCU researched male cane toad calls, and identified what made their calls attractive to female toads. During trials, capture rates increased 10-fold when calls were used in combination with light and sound. Calls with specific features were found to be best for removing females, and it is important to remove female toads from the population because fewer eggs will be laid for future generations. The pre-recorded ATTRACTA calls are selected to maximise luring of both sexes. Toads are attracted by the sound and by the insects that are attracted to the light as well.

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